Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Getting used to this

Disclamer: Ok I'm still new at this so some things are getting repeated sorry but go with the flow.

Something interested me yesterday October 26, 2004. It was the story that has arisen about the mission explosives in Iraq. Is it Shocking the New York Times did the story and is it dumb-founded that the Times was lieing.
I for one am not surpised that it turned out the way it did. Kerry jumped on it and the White House told the "rest of the story"
What we know is the weapons were their when the inspection team came through their some time in March maybe late Feb. When we came through their in Late March the 101 airborn said they found nothing their but did not check the whole compound. What we know is that Saddam did move the weapons around, heck he moved money and family around of course he would of moved the biggest stock of weapons he has around.
I continue to lose trust for the NY times the more the try to defame the person no matter who that person is. It's not an ethical thing to do just like Michael Moores fantisy world of defaming someone the Times had taken a side and will use what they want to stop someone. What ever happened to Objective reporting which lacks in most of the national media who claim to


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