Thursday, November 11, 2004

Interesting Results

Amazing what is going on in America right now. The elections showed that Bush is who America whats and so we must go with him. Amazingly their are some weak and mindless people out there (and they would not consider their selves mindless) that they can't take Bush anymore so now they are applying for residancy in Canada. Sorry to say but good ridance. If some can not see past their own nose then they can go up to Canada were it's cold and so our their nerves. Give me a Break. The reason this country is divided is because people can't come to grip with reality and they try and live in a fantasy world. I for one have lived in another country and thank my lucky stars to have this one. Freedom is priceless.

Oh and by the way look at how Hollywood is responding to the elections after America Stuck it to them. Way to go America. PS I do not support all that Bush does but enough.


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