Monday, December 13, 2004

Life is Grand like a 100 Grand

I'm cursed!

First off BYU football had a crappy year and didn't go to a bowl game again, fired their coach and now will lose their greatest recruit of all time. (I don't care about the recite) Then there is BYU Basketball and they are laying a egg this year at 2-7 and it just gets uglier with NC ST coming in, Utah State and Santa Claure, SC up set North Carolina and BYU lost to NC by 40. Then the Utah Jazz are messed up this year. After starting the year looking like they were going to pummel everyone in their way. Now they are 9-13 and lost 7 of their last 8 games. Other teams I support would be the Lions who are improved but injuries keep them down and no matter how hard I hope the Eagles are great but it really looks like Pittsburgh or New England will take the superbowl home, but hey the maybe the Eagles will make it into the Super bowl this year that is a step up. Could their be anymore pain? Yep I just applied for a job had the interview and got turned down ..... Crap!

But I love life and it's a great day to be alive Why Because I'm doing good in all my classes (not Great) I'm still alive and a number of other things make me happy. So just for the fact that I woke up today and will live just that much longer is a way for me to love the opportunities I have. But I'm still cursed when it comes to Athletics.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Spastic Goon said...

Guys and their sports, it amuses me. Not that I am anti-sports, I just am amused. I have never met anyone who was seriously cursed before.

The Eagles, that’s my bet.

I am impressed that you can cook, clean, iron, wash and fix the basics of cars. I can do all of those things too but I am a girl…a girl with a dad that has taught her about cars. Just a girl passing by who digs your blog.


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