Sunday, February 13, 2005

It confuses me sometimes, wondering why people will not be opened minded about things. I Notice that the Liberal side of society is open, but only open to their views and nothing else ... then the conservity side has the morals yet they will cheat, lie and destory a person to get things done. Most conflicting I would say.
A liberal will not listen to a Conservity ... hence they are not open to their views like a liberal claims to be ... then the conservity will lie to the liberal to make them think they are at the same level or understanding as the liberal hence breaking their own moral position. Shocking? Not really.
I just wish people would admint they are wrong when they are wrong. I wish people could have a opinion when the situation requires. To not have a position it to be blown like the sands in the wind and be taken up by the troubles of the world...
Stand for something ... its good for your health.

Peace ya-all


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