Friday, March 25, 2005

How Bad is the Media

A interesting Email discussion came my way. My Oldest Brother who served in Iraq for 15 months as a Captin Lashed out at the Media and how they did and are covering the war. He was right ... But, I wanted to talk about why reporters or the media in general would do things and report in particular ways. Now I remind you and myself I'm the second youngest in a family of 10 children. And all though no one said straight out I was wrong most did not like my saying anything good about the media. It turned into the oldest againts me.

I thought nothing of it. It's a good thing to talk about stuff like that. If you hate or dislike something it's better to get it out and not keep it inside of you. But, wow I stured a hornets nest ... Well maybe an ant hill ... I ended up on the lone island of explaination. Even the most liberal ones in my family attempted to find some flow in my responses and or language. So much for me thinking not of the subject.

Later, one of my Brothers called me. (This brother is number five in the family) Told me I sure was attacked and I seemed to be swimming on the deep end with sharks. (paraphrased).

So what do you think about the media? We all need it in some form. We all use it ever day. How can we just attack it all the time? I do know a lot about the media I will graduate with a degree in the subject. But, why would someone question me who knows indepth matter in the subject? Would you question your finacel advisor about his oppinons or your Lawyer?

I have an anwser, however ask yourself those questions while I wonder why I'm not on a date.


At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Mona said...

Even the most liberal ones in my family attempted to find some flow in my responses and or language.
as the most liberal member of your family, i object to that!

The thing about the media is that aside from the natural bias that comes from being the work of a human reporter, bias is more or less inevitable in today's American media. People don't watch C-Span or Euronews where there is little/no commentary and only footage. People very rarely form their own opinions anymore. That is the true danger of our society, not the media. It's our own inability to ask pertinent questions and draw conclusive answers, because we naively leave the questioning up to others.

We are our own sheep.


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