Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Youthful thinking

Ok ... My disclaimer to this is my Friend who is 18 wrote this for a history class buy I could not stop laughing and how he wrote it. If you don't thinks its funny you got to met the kid to really have some fun with his train of thought ... I do skip the first paragraph but you get the good stuff later.

"During my reading, my eyes were open. This was necessary as had they been closed, my eyelids would have obstructed my view of the text. The author of my fine, expensive textbook spoke of three great revolutions that have changed our world greatly. The first was the Agricultural Revolution. (this revolution was set off by the bovine insurrection of 1699) the Agricultural Revolution was incredible as it revolutionized agriculture. This means that there was more food, and surplus food opened the door on the age of frozen burrito. Mostly what this new age, the age of the frozen burrito did was lead into the industrial revolution.
The industrial Revolution came about mostly because the great British passion for frozen burritos. The traditional was of manufacturing a frozen burrito was to import a foreign laborer from Uzbekistan, who would then live in a small cave and roll frozen burritos. The demand for burritos became so great that someone had to come up with a faster more effective way to roll burritos. So Sir Elton John invented the Industrial Revolution which was supposed to result in a better burrito manufacturing process. Wouldn't you know ... It worked. Sire Isaac Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawkins created a machine that could roll 17 frozen burritos in just three and half minutes which was twice the rate of a cave-dwelling Uzbekistani. Now that the Uzbeks were unemployed, hordes of young Uzbekistanis poured into the universities like something that pours well into something like a bucket. A bucket that charges tuition and soon we had the Technological Revolution.
The main aim of the Technological revolution was to invest the microwave over. After an extremely talented young Uzbekistani man named Mashah'mah Umaardi'im Johnson invented the microwave. Microwave Popcorn sales exploded and the economy went into a boom. Other useful invesnting such as the VCR, child size cowboy hats, and the twin-pop soon followed. In 1983 a brilliant high-school graduate named Albert Gore invented the internet, which allowed idiots like me to spread lies like this all over the globe."

All that for a History Response paper. Like I said you need to know the kid to laugh at it even harder.


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