Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have never done so Little and yet found some much in just a few short weeks like I have these past few.

Besides learning how technology will become so much more a part of my life I discovered Ali-G and Borat. Holly Crap now I'm recovering "no dought".

As I reflect on the creation of Ali-G entertainment I look at the nations current issue with hurricanes and oil and blaming and whining and things I have no patience for.

First off Gas ... enough said ... I was impressed by Donald Trump who I do not like but must agree with when he says to screw OPEC and move on. He talks about how the White House is letting theirselves get pushed around by them. Well said Trumper. The Bush people let their selves get to buddied-up (putting people in positions because of Friendships) and they do little for the good of the country. Now granted the Dems are no better and in many other areas worse than that. In fact Republicans are stupid in very public areas and Democrats, stupid in private places which I think is worse mostly because no one ends up stopping them before it's really too late.

It would be interesting to go ahead and have applications for people to end up in White house Administrations so we get the best person possible rather than your bud.

Ok that's all I'm board so no more writing.


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