Monday, October 03, 2005

Check and Balance?

Let's talk about the recent news of the past week with the New York Times reporter that went to jail because she wouldn't identify a source who identified a spy for her.

Now here lies an issue that is two dimensional (black or white). You will either agree that reporters should have lawful protection on sources or you don't think they should.

First off lets identify the situation; This reporter had a story that wasn't about a president doing the wrong thing. The spy wasn't killing people in fact the only thing bad was she was getting information that was sensitive to some, but I really believe the general population has a romance with espionage. That false sense of "Spying" really gets out of control with Hollywood. So in my book this person was not threatening anyone anymore than your best friend telling a girl you like her without your consent.

Should this reporter be protected for that? Believe me the journalist elitist want that.

I don't think Journalist of any sort should ever have protection in the category of petty issues. Hey if it changes history then we need something like that but Judith Miller wasn't. Really all this did was boost Millers career even more than it was. Did anyone know her until now. Plus, she knew the consequences and still went ahead that's not heroic that's ideological. Quite hiding behind the first amendment.

Reporters believe that what they are doing is so great they sometimes forget they're not much more different than anyone else in this world, they just have a different job. True stories are about the people in the story not the one telling them.

I know, I know we need someone to find dirt, and getting the information from the government is worthless heck just look at WMD. But, this wasn't WMD this was one person of hundreds out there and she wasn't even doing anything worth wild at the time.

Where are the reporters when we need to know if intelligence is wrong and it's being ignored where are the reporters when false stories are published by there fellow Journalist. Where are the reporters when Enron was foiling thousands of 401k and company profits or where were they when Rwanda cried for help (and today its Sudan).

If you want protection then clean up the industry. Because we all know what it's about $$$$.


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