Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mirrors for rent.

Dang-it I haven't posted for a while ... It took a comment left by someone with a blogspot titled
Juicy Fruit ... Thank you.

Anyways I figured out that more people disagreed with my last post than anything. I think that's great, I didn't write it for people that away's agree with me and it doesn't mean I'm right either, that is what debate is all about. Today's post will be a mix of the same issue. But, without going on ... Happy New Year and Cnovom Godom.

The last post was on reporters that should never identify their sources and I made the point about the subject not being a big deal and protection doesn't matter for that situation. Well something did come up that matters ... Domestic Spying.

This does need protections that is my belief all the way. However, what gives the news source the right to hold the information for over a year?

That's condescending to America. The NY times is saying only we know when this is right for the public to know about it. Yeah, it's right when a book deal and the patriot act are up in the public eye. If it's information then I want it now and deal with it later. If I can't get it now then tell me why. The Times once again is saying we are better than all of you, a holier than thou line. It is not the news outlets rights to report when they fell like it when it's news because the public has the right to know. That's why we keep the media out of government hands so we don't have things like this happy.

Reporters get on their high horse and say "I'm so great just look at how the people need me," Oh really well did you forget that people have the right now the luxury to know. Get the info to them now and quite look in the mirror!

Ok that's all for now.


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