Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Tech World is moving at a blistering pace. Why do I think that? Well let's just say I have a few friends that blog for a living and they keep up on all the latest in Digital Video life. So why would that be important. Hmmm ... good question.

You've heard people say as soon as you buy a computer it's already out dated. Much like buying a new car means the value starts to drop. Well how do you keep up?

Here's how I keep up.

1- I never buy something that I know will be out dated soon. It's easy to get the newest thing out there. Take the iPod ... I just got my first one, a friend of mine bought the first model. He paid $100 bucks more and only gets 5 gigs out of his. I'm currently using that right now. With 25 more to go.

2- If you can do with out it than do with out it. When I get new technology for my parents I make sure they will use it. I would never get them a laptop they don't need it. I will never get them anything MP3 and I will never get them anything wireless. They can't handle it and they have a nice life as it is. They have a good computer with a great flat screen and nice speakers a DVD player and CD six dics stereo, Digital Camera and that's it. They don't need anything else. I do wish they had high speed internet though.

3-stay in your budget. I can't understand people that buy things because they can, yet have no money for it. I've been wanting a external Hard Drive for the last year but the way my bills come in and other things that are much more pressing, I do not spend the money on that Hard Drive. I spent 2 years saving to get this computer.

Just in simple terms don't buy at the same rate as technology is created. Oh and one more thing do your research before buying.


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